Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Rhode Island (Route 66 Project on hold)

I had such a good time, did so much printmaking and met so many interesting people that I was reluctant to leave Albuquerque. After a lovely evening with Regina, I flew overnight from Albuquerque to Boston via Newark. Now i know why they call it a red eye flight. I did manage to sleep a little on the plane but was a little dazed on arrival.

It was great to see Joan waiting at the baggage claim and also to find that my suitcase was still in one piece. It had been developing cracks but some tape seemed to hold it together ok.

I had a tour of Boston and, although I knew there was some interesting architecture in this city I was very surprised at the extent of it. A lovely city. I will return to see more later in the week.

Joan's large "loft" (it's not in the roof like an English loft) space in an old mill in Pawtucket has been converted into her living space and studio and we are planning to do some printmaking tomorrow. Probably prontoprints and monoprints. We're also hoping to see a play later and then meet some of Joan's friends for dinner.

What else has happened? Many discussions about art and in particular Printmaking. We went to Cape Cod yesterday and were in an out of many small art galleries. We also visited New Bedford and a whaling museum - the whole town was founded on the whaling industry. We plan to go whale watching (not the same thing!) later in the week.

Today we went to Newport and saw two Vanderbilt mansions on the cliff top (The Breakers and the Marble House) full of paintings, interesting furniture etc. Alva Vanderbilt was a leading woman in the suffragette movement here and an interesting person with the financial means to lend real support.

I'm looking forward to working with Joan tomorrow. Time to sleep now. I wonder if I'll see a groundhog outside the window - I saw one on the river bank a couple of days ago and would like to see it again.

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