Saturday, 28 April 2007

Leaving New Grounds and Albuquerque and putting the Route 66 Project on hold for a week

It's been great working at New Grounds. Learned a lot, met so many interesting people and it's a very good working environment. I'm sorry to leave but looking forward to the next step - Rhode Island.

I'm getting the 11.30pm plane and should arrive in Boston early tomorrow morning.


Jane said...

Hello Linda,

Been following you along Route 66 and beyond (you may have seen me in your rear mirror).
Looking good and sounding exciting.
Love the WigWam Motel (who wouldn't?), also like the sound of a place where you can eat and have hair cut, v Annie Proulx,
looking forward to seeing you soon, love Jane

Linda said...

Yes, I didn't have a hair cut when it came to it. Partly because my body didn't quite adjust to New Mex Mountain time and a late night was absolutely beyond me, so I couldn't possibly quality for the cheap, late cut!

Look forward to seeing you next week.