Sunday, 22 April 2007

Balloons in the blue sky of Albuqueque

I came out of the motel on Route 66 this morning, looked up at the blue sky and it was dotted with bright coloured hot air balloons. It's going to be a good day for printmaking.

Had breakfast at the Flying Star - it was busy, even at 8am on a Sunday. I ate oatmeal (porridge) but most people were eating a great deal more than me. I certainly couldn't contemplate a breakfast burrito with plenty of green chile.

Now to print...


Debbie Prigg said...

Hi Linda! I have just caught up on your blog comments since last reading them at the start of your 'adventure'. I don't think I could describe it any better, as it seems you are exploring and discovering new things every day. I am sitting here in rainy Wolverhampton, just a little jealous of your amazing trip. Route 66 seems full of cliches, but it will be interesting to see how it has evolved into what you are seeing today. I hope to see what you capture in your printwork soon, if you would just stop shooting at your plates(!) I know America is a litle more relaxed about guns, but..... Anyway, the call of work is now deafening so I will wait eagerly to read your next installment.

Deb x

Linda said...

Hi Deb
I'd better tell you (since it's rainy there) that it rained here last night but looks ok today, though there is a "storm advisory" in place, according to the weather channel.

It is all very interesting and, apart from moments of altitude dizzyness, I'm taking it all in and trying to digest it.

I've been carrying around a postcard to the College for a week and finally managed to post it yesterday (I don't seem to recognise the postboxes) and you will see I've pinched one of the phrases you used....

I'd like to get some photos of what I've seen and done - photos of scenery, prints I've made etc but have limited access to a computer and it may take some time

Wendy F said...

Us girls here in the Faculty office, that Judith, Mrudula and Wendy. Have been reading your diary and following your journey. How do you find the time to write so much!!

It sounds fabulous. As we are not the creative types, we not sure what plates means?

wll continue to follow your journey
Take care
Wendy and co x

Linda said...

Good to hear from you Wendy. Don't tell anyone, but I type quite quickly, so don't actually spend very long typing. Uploading and downloading the images would take longer....

As for plates - well this is the metal surface that I have my image on. I apply ink to the plate, put paper on the top and print it in the etching press.

On my website go to the More About Me button (top left) and you will see my cv on the left and 2 plates on the right. If you click on them it could all become clearer!

I'd be pleased to do you a demo on my return.

Linda said...

Forgot to say - I have offered (not sure if the idea was accepted) to do mini print sessions at the July staff development day, combined with information on working in a non-toxic manner, using recycled metal and yellow pages to wipe the plate.

You could make a tiny print yourself.