Friday, 13 April 2007

Rock - I love it

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love rock, and I don't mean Brighton rock - though, as a Brightonian I have to say that's obviously great! The Canyon de Chelly doesn't disappoint. Wonderful, eroded shapes and colours. The south rim starts at an elevation of 5,000' and rises to 7,000' I could feel the effects of the altitude yesterday when I raced up a path to escape some momentary rain and caught my breath. I can see why Paula Radcliff trained at altitude in the S West (Abq) If you can run here, you can run anywhere.

Looking down into the canyon floor you can see miniature sheep and cows and strips of land with corn growing. A cow's moo and the bells of the sheep sound amplified, like there must be giant animals down there. to the gym to train...then back to Route 66 and off to Winslow.


Joan said...

Hi Linda,

I am following your trip with great interest and look forward to hearing more about it when you get here.

We are having awful weather now. Hopefully, spring will be here when you arrive.


Linda said...

I too have been following the weather with trepidation...snow, rain, sleet, plummeting temperatures etc via the Weather Channel which probably makes it look even more dramatic than it is. Anyway, whatever the weather, look forward to seeing you at Rhode Island.