Friday, 27 April 2007

A good day's printmaking

I've been at the workshop since 9am printing up plates. They are looking good. It's now 7pm and I'm tiring a little but it's late night opening at the Print Workshop so I'll do a quick blog and then print for another half hour.

It was really busy here today - loads of people in printing but it's a big place with quite a few rooms so there's plenty of space. I met some new people and all the other I've met before. The standard of work here is very high and it's exciting to see other people produce such good prints.

I could talk about printmaking all day but the subjects do vary (music, politics, English gardens, films, books) and one of the people I spoke to today, Adele, was talking about Alaska and confirmed my suspicions that I really ought to go there. I'm even more sure of it after hearing what it was like to live in Alaska. That might well be another blog in the future...

Meanwhile, where should I eat? I'm considering trying Cafe Cubano - it's a cafe and a hair salon. I hear it serves good food and it also offers a late night trim for $25.99. I spoke a little Spanish the other day, so maybe I'll manage a little more here. My hair must be all of 2 inches long so maybe I should get a trim too.

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