Thursday, 12 April 2007

Arizona - Canyon de Chelly

I'm just into the state of Arizona having driven through snow to the Canyon de Chelly, a side trip off Route 66. It's sunny now and I'm considering going down into the canyon to see the amazing stripey red and orange rock formations close up.

I love the wide desert plains on the way here. Pale yellow and bright pink, orange and red sand and rock and areas of pale green sage brush.

So far, have come through New Mexico travelling from Tucumcari, Santa Rosa, Grants, Gallop and then over the state border. Heading next to Winslow and then Flagstaff - both great places on Route 66.

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Jay River said...

Here is a film clip laced with history from Canyon De Chelly:

It's from a dvd on Edward S. Curtis, which bears on other Indian lands as well.

More info:

ES Curtis Film Clip

The Indian Picture Opera


Amazon link:

The Indian Picture Opera