Monday, 16 April 2007

Kingman to Oatman - a switch back mountain ride

Amazing trip along a very old part of Route 66 on an undulating, switchback of a roadwith hairpin bends and steep drops over a mountain pass and through the desert. Stopped for a break at Cool Springs - drank some lemonade and admired the old petrol pumps, I chatted to the woman who runs this beautiful oasis and she explained that there had been just a tiny drop of rain recently and it had opened the cactus flowers up. I've already forgotten the name of the red flowers waving on tall spikes.

Apparently some of the early 50s cars went in reverse up some of the steep parts of the road as it's a lower gear than first. Is that a good idea, I ask myself? It's rather like driving with your eyes closed - which I am tempted to do when things look scary, but it's probably not a great strategy.

Called into Oatman briefly but didn't stay more than 10 minutes, just long enough to see the wild donkeys roaming the street. I like kitsch and even tacky (to some extent) but this place went well off the scale...

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