Saturday, 21 April 2007

A lot has happened in a few days

It's not been convenient to get to a computer in the last few days, so, in brief... I visited Meteor Crater, just off Route 66. It's the best preserved crater caused by a metor hitting the earth. NASA train here once a year, apparently, and various films have been shot here. Amazing place but very, very windy. Tours around the rim and into the crater were cancelled as winds were at 87 mph. So, I got a good view but kept back fro mthe edge.

The Painted Desert was wonderful - beautiful coloured sand and rock. The Petrified Forest had huge, ancient trees just lying about in the desert, the wood chrystalised.

Santa Fe, the tiny capital, is off a previous alignment of Route 66 and most of the houses are rectangular, flat topped buildings made of "bricks" of clay.

I'm now in Albuqueque at the New Grounds Print Workshop and have started making my first Photogravure plate. I'm using an image of some old car part directories which I photographed in a shed behind a general stores on Route 66 - a high desert stop on the way.

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